ASTM A589 Steel Pipe

Discover the excellence of UNIACERO’s ASTM A589 Grade pipe—a premium choice for water well applications. From the initial stages of manufacturing to the final product, our commitment to quality ensures you’re sourcing a pipe that guarantees durability, and efficiency and meets all ASTM standards. Specifically designed for seamless and welded carbon steel water-well applications, our pipe offers the reliability needed for optimal performance. Choose UNIACERO, and invest in the best for your water well needs.

ASTM A589 Specification

At UNIACERO, we pay close attention to every detail. Our ASTM A589 pipes come in four distinct types, each tailored to specific water well requirements. We ensure our manufacturing processes—whether it’s open-hearth, electric furnace, or basic oxygen—meet the highest standards. Additionally, we offer both seamless and electric-resistance-welded options in Grades A and B. You also have the choice between plain ends or threaded and coupled ends. Every pipe undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring they fit your needs perfectly.

Production StandardASTMA 589
Manufacturing ProcessesERW, SMLS
Outside Diameter33.4mm -323.9mm (1″ – 12″)
Wall Thickness3.38-9.53mm
Pipe Lengthrandom range length or special lengths
Steel GradeGRA GRB
Corrosion PreventionLacquer, Varnish, Oiling, Galvanizing
End ProcessesSquare Cut, Bevelling, Threading, Socket
Further ProcessingWelding, Bending, Hole Drilling, Punching, Swaging, Tapering, Flaring, Expanding

ASTM A589 Dimension Table


Our commitment at UNIACERO is to provide pipes that fit every requirement precisely. The ASTM A589 pipe dimensions are carefully crafted to meet the strict specifications of water well applications. Each type, from drive pipe to water-well casing pipe, is designed with specific dimensions to ensure the highest efficiency. We understand that accurate dimensions are critical, and that’s why we have a comprehensive dimension table available for all our clients, detailing every minute specification to help you make informed decisions.

Outside DiameterWall Thickness
Drive Pipe
Water-Well Reamed and Drifted Pipe
Driven Well Pipe
Water-Well Casing

Chemical Requirements of ASTM A589

UNIACERO’s ASTM A589 pipes are manufactured with strict adherence to chemical compositions. The consistency in our pipe’s chemical makeup ensures longevity, corrosion resistance, and optimal performance. Trust in our pipes means you’re investing in materials that are not just compliant with ASTM standards but also primed for enduring the rigors of their applications.

Chemical Composition
ElementComposition, %
Phosphorus, max0.050
Sulfur, max0.060

Mechanical Requirements of ASTM A589

Quality and strength are at the core of our ASTM A589 pipes. Our pipes boast impressive tensile strengths: 30,000 for Grade A and 35,000 for Grade B. Equally noteworthy are the yield strengths: 48,000 for Grade A and 60,000 for Grade B. These metrics underscore our commitment to delivering products that can withstand demanding conditions while ensuring safety and durability.

Tensile Requirements
Mechanical PropertiesButt WeldedGrade AGrade B
Tensile strength, min, psi (MPa)48 000 (330)48 000 (330)60 000 (415)
Yield strength, min, psi (MPa)30 000 (205)30 000 (205)35 000 (240)

Steel Grades in ASTM A589

At UNIACERO, we offer ASTM A589 pipes in two distinct steel grades: Grade A and Grade B. Each grade is meticulously crafted to provide distinct advantages based on your specific requirements. Whether it’s the tensile strength or yield strength you’re considering, our steel grades are designed to meet varied demands, giving you a product tailored for performance and reliability.

Production Tolerance of ASTM A589

Weight—The weight of all types of pipe included in this specification shall vary not more than 6 5 % from that prescribed. The weight tolerance for pipe NPS 4 [DN 100] and under may be determined from the weight of the customary lifts of pipe as produced for shipment, divided by the number of feet of pipe in the lift. For pipe over NPS 4 [DN 100], where individual lengths may be weighed, the weight is applicable to the individual length.

Thickness—The minimum wall thickness shall be not more than 12.5 % under the nominal wall thickness specified.

Outside Diameter—For pipe NPS 11⁄2 [DN 40] and under, the outside diameters shall vary not more than 1⁄64 in. [0.4 mm] from the outside diameter specified. For pipe NPS 2 [DN 50] and over, the outside diameter shall vary not more than 6 1 % from the size specified. 10.2.3 Inside Diameter—For Type II pipe, the inside diameter at any point, shall permit passage of a drift pin having a length and diameter as indicated in Table 6, Table 7, and Table 18.

Lengths-Unless otherwise specified on the purchase order, pipe lengths shall be in accordance with the following regular practice:

Types I, II, and IV pipe may be furnished in single random lengths of 16 to 22 ft [4.9 to 6.7 m].

Type III pipe may be furnished in a random range from 3 to 6 ft [0.9 to 1.8 m] or 6 to 10 ft [1.8 to 3.0 m] as specified.

Random lengths other than indicated in 10.3.1 and cut lengths, shall be subject to negotiation and shall be indicated on the purchase order.

Our Advantages

  1. Over 25 years of experience in pipeline production and installation.
  2. Comprehensive inspection equipment.
  3. Independent product serial numbers for traceability.
  4. Advanced production equipment – Seamer high-frequency welding machine from the United States.
  5. Complete qualifications – API 5L/API 5CT/FM/UL fire pipe certification, etc.
  6. Wide range of products – independently developed solar torque tubes, highly favored in the European market.
  7. Customers spread across the globe.
  8. Excellent after-sales service and sense of responsibility.

Application Scenarios

Our steel pipes are engineered to withstand high temperatures, corrosive environments, and varying pressures, ensuring reliability and safety in the complex petrochemical processes. 

Whether it’s transferring crude oil, natural gas, or chemical intermediates, the robustness and versatility of steel pipes make them indispensable components of the plant’s infrastructure, contributing to efficient production and maintenance of stringent safety standards.

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