Pipe Fittings


Overview of Pipe Fittings

Choosing UNIACERO pipe fittings brings a plethora of benefits to your projects. Our fittings ensure a leak-proof and secure connection, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. They provide flexibility in design, allowing for customization based on specific requirements. With our fittings, you can achieve optimal flow rates, ensuring efficient operations. Moreover, our products are designed for durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging conditions. By opting for UNIACERO, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your systems will operate seamlessly.

Pipe Fitting Specifications

Pipe fittings play a pivotal role in the plumbing and piping systems of industrial and commercial applications. These essential components allow for the seamless joining, installation, termination, and direction of pipes, ensuring the efficient flow of liquids and gases. The advantages of using pipe fittings are manifold. They provide flexibility in design, ensure leak-proof connections, and enhance the overall efficiency of the system. With the right fittings, systems can be tailored to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Choosing the right pipe fittings, with the specified materials and configurations, ensures that your plumbing and piping systems meet the unique requirements of your industrial or commercial application. UNIACERO offers a comprehensive range of fittings to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your systems.

Production ProcessPipe Fitting
Outside Diameter10.3mm and up (1/8″ – )
Wall Thickness1.65mm – up mm (SCH 5S – SCH XXS)
Pipe LengthAs per standard or customized.
Production StandardsASME/ANSI B16.1BS 10JIS B2311
ASTM A234EN 10241ASME/ANSI B16.36
Corrosion PreventionLacquer, Varnish, Oiling, HDG, Pre-Galvanizing
End ProcessesSquare Cut, Bevelling, Threading, Grooving
Joint MethodFitting, Flange, Coupling, Clamp, Pipe Shoulder, Welding
Further ProcessingWelding, Bending, Hole Drilling, Punching, Swaging, Tapering, Flaring, Expanding
Product UsagePetroleum, Liquid & Gas Transmission, Structure, Piling Job, Mining, Agriculture, Fabrication, Fire Fighting, Heat Exchanging

UNIACERO's Diverse Range of Pipe Fittings

To address specific system requirements, we offer fittings with different angles, such as degree elbows, providing adaptability for various layouts. Additionally, our product line includes check valves, caps, hex nipples, and strainers to enhance functionality and performance, allowing you to configure your system with ease.

  • Elbows:  At UNIACERO, our elbows are meticulously crafted to change the direction of flow. Available in both 90 and 45-degree angles, they are essential for a myriad of applications. The 90-degree elbows are perfect for connecting hoses to components like water pumps, valves, and deck drains, ensuring a right-angle turn. The 45-degree variant, on the other hand, is ideal for water supply facilities, electronic and chemical industrial pipeline networks, and more. With their robust design, our elbows guarantee longevity and efficiency.

  • Tee: Our T-shaped fittings stand out in both design and functionality. They are pivotal for connecting two pipes, ensuring a unified flow direction. Whether you need an equal tee for uniform pipe sizes or an unequal tee for varied dimensions, UNIACERO caters to all your specific requirements, ensuring optimal flow and reduced turbulence.

  • Cross: Designed for versatility, our cross fittings are a favorite in fire sprinkler systems. With four distinct openings, they facilitate water or liquid flow in multiple directions, ensuring even distribution. Whether you need one inlet with three outlets or the other way round, our cross fittings are engineered for precision and reliability.

  • Reducer: Transitioning from one pipe size to another is seamless with UNIACERO’s reducers. We offer both concentric and eccentric variants. The concentric reducer, shaped like a cone, ensures a gradual size reduction, while the eccentric reducer, with its off-center design, minimizes air accumulation, ensuring a smooth flow.

  • Couplings: Leakages can be a bane, but with UNIACERO’s couplings, you have the perfect solution. Whether you need a regular coupling for a straightforward connection or a slip coupling for repairing lengthy pipes, our designs ensure a watertight seal, enhancing the system’s lifespan.

  • Flanges: Connecting pipes, pumps, and other components is a breeze with UNIACERO flanges. Designed for easy assembly and maintenance, our flanges come with the added advantage of easy system inspection. Whether you’re setting up a residential pump system or an industrial pipeline, our flanges guarantee a sturdy connection.

  • Valves: Flow regulation is crucial, and UNIACERO’s valves are up to the task. From throttling to isolation, our range caters to diverse needs. The isolation valves are perfect for temporary system disconnections, while the throttling valves adeptly manage pressure levels. Crafted for durability, our valves can withstand the stresses of flow regulation, ensuring consistent performance.

Connection Types of Pipe Fitting

Our comprehensive range of connection types includes options such as MPT, push-fit, and weld connectors, allowing you to choose the fitting that best suits your installation preferences. Whether you require a specific degree of elbow or a check valve, our fittings and accessories are designed to meet your requirements.

  • Male Threaded: These fittings have exterior threads and are designed to be screwed into the inside of a larger diameter pipe with internal threading.

  • Female Threaded: With interior threads, these fittings are designed to receive male threaded pipe fittings.

  • Male Slip Fit: These non-threaded fittings are designed to receive a narrower pipe.

  • Female Slip Fit: Also non-threaded, these fittings are made to slip into a slightly larger male sleeve.

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Our Advantages

  1. Over 25 years of experience in pipeline production and installation.
  2. Comprehensive inspection equipment.
  3. Independent product serial numbers for traceability.
  4. Advanced production equipment – Seamer high-frequency welding machine from the United States.
  5. Complete qualifications – API 5L/API 5CT/FM/UL fire pipe certification, etc.
  6. Wide range of products – independently developed solar torque tubes, highly favored in the European market.
  7. Customers spread across the globe.
  8. Excellent after-sales service and sense of responsibility.

Application Scenarios

Our steel pipes are engineered to withstand high temperatures, corrosive environments, and varying pressures, ensuring reliability and safety in the complex petrochemical processes. 

Whether it’s transferring crude oil, natural gas, or chemical intermediates, the robustness and versatility of steel pipes make them indispensable components of the plant’s infrastructure, contributing to efficient production and maintenance of stringent safety standards.

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